Intercultural Learning (German & English)

Being a certified intercultural trainer I offer seminars with different intercultural emphases tailored to the needs of the specific target group. Possible core areas:

- Basic training intercultural communication

- Trainings on intercultural conflicts

- Interculturality as a dimension of social interactions

- Refugees and intercultural learning

- Retreats for intercultural teams

- Preparation seminars for stays in Germany and Turkey

- Intercultural simulation


Peace and Conflicts  (German & English)

I utilize my expertise in international conflicts in my peace and conflict seminars on various levels. It is my personal aim to bring each and every participant to a position where he/she can accept conflict as one of many forms of human behaviour. Aiming to successfully transform conflictive situations for ones self and others I offer suitable methodology trainings. 


Simulations (German & English)

Freelancing for planpolitik I had the opportunity to facilitate, edit and create many simulation games.

Nabu - New Plans for the Swamp Forest of Taz was a project for my certified intercultural learning course and was realised very successfully at an international Summer Academy. I offer this simulation on the interdependence of varying interest on sustainability and intercultural backgrounds as a one-day seminar.


Country workshops: (German & English):

Germany & Turkey

Living and working in an unknown country, even just for a short while, is attractive and raisess many challenges. Everyone who gets to know a country beyond the holiday destinations will develop a special perspective of these countries and their people. In my country seminars I focus on the perception of these countries and their cultures, discover together with the participants the social relations that are formed and highlight potential fault lines for conflicts.